• Bully Breed Dogs Training

    Bully Breed Dogs Training

    Bully Breed Dogs Training When you adopt a bully breed dog, you might find yourself defending it against some negative stereotypes about bad behavior or aggression. For this reason, it's importan...

  • Puppy Training

    Puppy Training

    Puppy Training Before you buy a puppy you must understand some basic training steps in order for your puppy to be well behaved from the day you bring him into your home.  Most importantly never pun...

  • Dog Training Tips

    Dog Training Tips

    6 Principles of Successful Training 1.       Be Consistent: Apply the same rules and the same words all the time. 2.       Be Concise: Give your command just once. Repetition of commands teaches y...

  • Advanced Training

    Advanced Training

    Hopefully you began training your dog when he was a puppy. Teaching him basic commands when he is young makes more advanced training much easier once he is old enough to learn these more complicat...

  • Basic Dog Obedience Training

    Basic Dog Obedience Training

    Trying to control a dog who hasn’t learned obedience commands is exhausting and often nearly impossible. But teaching him five simple commands will make a world of difference and provide a great o...

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