Most Famous American Bully Breeders

Do you want a Bully dog? Are you looking for Bully dog to be a pet or a breeding sire? Do you have any preference for a particular kind of breed? If so then we have 5 types of Bullies to show you. A Bully Dog is an excellent choice if you want one as a pet or as a breeding stud. The dog’s friendly and sweet nature is a direct contrast to its harsh and aggressive looks is what endears it to a dog lover. There 5 different styles of Bullies are recognized and registered by the American Bully Kennel Club or ABKC. Each type has its physical traits, but the overall the personality of the dog is friendly and protective regardless of style.
Here is the list of the five different kinds of Bullies:

Classic Bully

  • General Impression: The Classic Bully is an amendment to the Standard Bully. Its build and narrow body structure are what defines the dog. It has body frames that are light with less overall body mass regardless of what its gender is. It still possesses the usual Bully traits despite having a traditional Pit Bull look.
  • Size: Males have a measurement of 17” – 20” at that withers. Females have a measurement of 16” – 19” at the withers.
  • Lifespan: Classic Bullies have a lifespan of 10 to 12 years.