Dog shot in chest with 3-foot arrow rescued

CHENGDU, CHINA — Photos of a dog who was shot in the chest with an arrow have gone viral on Chinese social media and drawn attention to the plight of stray dogs in the country.

As reported by the Chongqing Morning Post, a Chinese netizen identified only as Ren Hui spotted the dog at Yinxing Hospitality Management College in the city of Chengdu, in China’s Sichuan province.

Ren Hui posted photos of the injured animal on her Weibo account, along with a call for the public to help. Volunteers from the Sichuan Qiming Companion Animal Protection Center saw the post and found the dog. They removed the arrow, but the dog got scared and ran off.

It was later found and taken to Chengdu’s Boai Veterinary Hospital for medical treatment. Fortunately, the arrow did not damage its internal organs.

Photos of the dog with the arrow sticking through its chest sparked outrage on the Chinese internet.

In China, stray dogs are often shot with arrows and captured by dog catchers, Chen Yunlian, founder of Chengdu Animal Rescue, told the Shanghaiist.

In May, a stray dog with an arrow sticking out of its head was spotted in Beijing’s 798 Art District. And in August, another stray dog that had been shot with an arrow was found in Wuhan. Both dogs were rescued and have been treated for their injuries, the Beijing News reported.