10 of the Most Expensive Exotic Pets

People love their pets; there is no doubt about that.  People particularly love their cats and their dogs, with over 86 million cats and 74 million dogs living in homes in the United States alone, not to mention the further millions of each animal living in homes across Europe and Asia. In Canada an estimated 35% of the population owns a dog, while 38% owns a cat.

Though both dogs and cats are by far the most popular pet of choice overall, there are still over 170 million fish in tanks in people’s homes, and nearly 15 million horses in stables across the country.  Based upon the numbers, it’s clear people love the companionship that pets provide.  While the vast majority of pet owners can share a bond with a cat, or a dog, or even a fish, some just need to go the extra mile and dig deeper into their pocket books. To outdo the rest of the pet loving world they buy an expensive, exotic pet, showing the world that their companion animal is not only cooler, but also more expensive than most; price being a clear indication as to how good a pet the animal will make, of course.  Call me crazy, but I’ll take my shelter cat any day of the week. But hey, who am I to judge.

10. The Bengal Cat – $3,000


The Bengal Cat is a species of interbred cats that is common for the exotic pet market.  A cross breed between a domestic short haired black cat and an Asian Leopard, the sole purpose of breeding the two together is to dwarf the size of the cat, and create a demeanour in it more akin to a domestic cat, while also maintaining the exotic appearance of the Leopard.  Apparently it takes up to five generations of breeding the two together to create the perfect Bengal cat, so be careful what you spend that 3k on.